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Sandblasting Dublin

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Sandblasting Dublin – How We Do It

Sandblasting in Dublin is carried out by AD’s Mobile Sandblasting Services by using finely ground silica sand, or various other mediums to clean and abrade almost any surface. We typically clean metal, of any rust, paint or other unwanted surface materials.
We do this by means of an air-powered pressure gun that uses high velocity to spray and to impact the intended surface. The pressurised gun that we use has a ceramic barrel to prevent the sand from eroding it over time.This method will strip the surface of any unwanted material and renew the look of the surface. When the trigger of the gun is depressed two things happen at a very fast speed. Compressed air fires through the gun while the trigger is held down. Then, an opening at the top of the gun into which the hopper is connected opens. The air pushing through the gun and the force of gravity pulls the sand (or other medium) down through the gun and out the barrel.
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