AD’S Mobile Sandblasting

Sandblasting Timber

We Provide The Best Sandblasting Service – Always.

Wooden Sandblasting can provide the ultimate finish for both hard woods and soft woods. We can give your wood a completely new look. All types of wood can be fully restored by AD’s Mobile Sandblasting Services so that years of decay or paint coatings, can be completely removed and the surface can be restored to its former glory. Our Sandblasting system uses the latest technologies and equipment to Refurbish all types of wooden project or ensure it is perfectly ready for staining or painting.

We can use our experience to blend the surface to create a uniform finish. Contact Us for a free quote! We also offer a sample blast to a test patch to initially agree the standard of finish achievable. Soft bricks require a soft medium so as to preserve as much of the face as possible, whilst removing all the coating. Blasting can be done wet or dry depending on whether dust is an issue etc.

For true professionals – AD’s Mobile Sandblasting Services should be your only call!


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